Actuator EL -130-D + limit switches (КZК-10-070380)


Our actuators have a compact design, a high level of durability and reliability. They are safe in operation, versatile and do not require any maintenance. Today they have a wide use in agriculture, namely in forage and combine harvesters by “Gomselmash”. The production of these products is carried out in accordance with European technology and thus we get a high-quality actuator, which is a complete analog of the actuator manufactured by the Swedish company "Thomson".

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Brand name Melanti
Type Actuator
Nominal voltage, (V) 24
Working stroke of rod, mm 150
Nominal axle load, kg 400
Displacement time of rod (s) 15
Consumption Current (A) 7
Weight (kg) 4,7
Length in the retracted position, mm 370
Reduction ratio 20
Protection class IP66
Operating temperature, ° C -40 to +55
Transmission type screw-ball
Possible modifications of actuator yes
Nominal voltage (V) 12/24
Working stroke of rod, mm 100/150/200/250/300/350/400
Weight (kg) 4,5/4,7/4,9 /5,1/5,3/5,5/5,7
Reduction ratio 20 /10 /5
Nominal axle load, kg 110 - 500
Displacement time of rod (s) 15
Consumption Current (A) 7


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