We produce the whole range of portable powder and mobile fire extinguishers of stored pressure type with capacity 1,2,3,4,5,6,8,10,35,50,70,100 kg.

We also offer for sale the cases for powder fire extinguishers of stored pressure for above-mentioned range, which are produced by deep drawing method and has only one circular weld.

The production of goods for tourism and recreation is also one of the activities of our company.

CAR OWNERS! ATTENTION! It is allowed to use in the cars the powder fire extinguishers of stored pressure type only with ABC-type powder, which is the universal in its application, i.e., it can extinguish the solid and liquid combustibles. The powder fire extinguishers, charged fire-extinguishing BC-powder extinguish only flammable liquids and are not recommended for use in transport. This information can be found on the label of the extinguisher. Recharging of powder extinguishers, which are used for protection of vehicle against fire and stored in the cabin or cockpit, should be effected at least once every two years, and stored outside the cabin or cockpit - once a year.

In accordance with the requirements of fire safety the fire extinguishers shall be available on mandatory basis at the facilities of the administrative, social, industrial, stock purposes, as well as transport and houses.
Our company specializes in the production of cylindrical cases for fire extinguishers by deep metal stretching method. This technology allows us to produce the balloon in a more attractive aesthetic design, as well as to have only one weld in the balloon construction. It minimizes the corrosion metal properties because it corrodes primarily in welding areas.
We offer you the linear electrical mechanisms (actuators) and wiper gearmotors for tractors and harvesters wholesale and retail.
We produce only collapsible mangals from thin cold-rolled steel for affordable prices. The design of the mangal allows to fold it into a flat rectangular “brick” for storage or transportation, it is packaged in shrink-wrap. You will not need any tool for assembling of the mangal, it is very easy to use.
We produce stainless steel skewers of various sizes and configurations (by order of customer). You can order them wholesale, also with delivery to your stock. Some of the samples produced by our company skewers can be seen on the photos.
Metal profile for drywall is an element with long length formed by cold rolling thin steel strip on the modern forming equipment.