• Fire extinguishers
    Powder fire extinguisher PS portable and mobile
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  • Cases for fire extinguishers
    Our company specializes in the production of cylindrical cases for fire extinguishers by deep metal stretching method. This technology allows us to produce the balloon in a more attractive aesthetic design, as well as to have only one weld in the balloon construction. It minimizes the corrosion metal properties because it corrodes primarily in welding areas.
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  • Mangals
    We produce only collapsible mangals from thin cold-rolled steel for affordable prices. The design of the mangal allows to fold it into a flat rectangular “brick” for storage or transportation, it is packaged in shrink-wrap. You will not need any tool for assembling of the mangal, it is very easy to use.
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  • Skewers
    We produce stainless steel skewers of various sizes and configurations (by order of customer). You can order them wholesale, also with delivery to your stock.
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Company profile

Trading and manufacturing group of companies “MELANTI” unites enterprises engaged in the production and sale of products for different purposes. Fire-fighting equipment factory is one of them and located in Nevel, Pskov Region, this company has already been engaged in the production of fire extinguishers for more than 10 years. By the creation of the enterprise the top management made a decision to organize the full-cycle-production, i.e. from the metal sheet to the finished product, also to create the products of high quality with an affordable price, which must be associated with a brand name “MELANTI”. In 2013-2014 the total modernization of the whole production process was carried out at the factory. The new technology was introduced instead of obsolete technologies. Incorporating all the best, without which the products cannot be competitive, we can say today with confidence that our products are not inferior to foreign analogues by the quality. All products are certified, passed numerous tests, and subjected to rigorous testing.

By the production value the “MELANTI”-group is a leader among the manufacturers of dry powder fire extinguishers in the market of Russia and is the only full-cycle-manufacturer of these products in the Northwestern Federal District of the Russian Federation.