Profile for drywall

selection of parameters

Metal profile for drywall is an element with long length formed by cold rolling thin steel strip on the modern forming equipment.

Profile for mounting of sheet materials (plasterboard, gypsum fiber board, LSU, Aqua-panel, etc.): guides, rack-mount, ceiling, ceiling guides, arches;

Profile for mounting ceiling systems (tile, cluster, grid, suspended ceiling): T-principal profile, T-profile with cross-section, longitudinal T-profile, front, corner deco, rack, filling profile;

Profile for plaster works: beacon-profile, corner-profile.

Accessories: suspensions, rods, connectors, profile extensions.
"Melanti" LLC fulfils manufacturing and installation of steel constructions of the service platforms of pipefittings, equipment, and fence replacement. You can order our profile for drywall by E-Mail or call.