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Powder fire extinguisher PS-2 Melanti - ABCE - the vital thing

Advantages: Comprehensive application
Disadvantages: Small volume

Powder fire extinguisher PS-1. The figure “1” means the volume 1 liter. Designed to extinguish the fires of electrical equipment with maximal voltage 1000 V, you must stay not closer than one meter to the current-carrying elements. This fire extinguisher can extinguish all combustible materials. The question is that the volume is small. It is very small for a car. Storage and application temperature is from -40 to +40ºC. It is necessary to check the fire extinguisher annually. Also if the pressure gauge is not in the green zone. To bring it into effect, it is necessary to pull the retaining ring and press the valve. I repeat, one liter is very small volume the fire extinguisher, please buy two liters at least! Read more
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zxhkl34, Bobruisk, Belarus

Powder fire extinguisher Melanti PS-4(p) – never failed!

Advantages: Reliability, ease of use
Disadvantages: Not found

I know this type of fire extinguishers (and other types too!) very well, because I work in the production with high-risk level in the petrochemical industry.
I participated in fire service training in the stage "smothering sunbathing regular fire extinguisher."
When I bought a car, of course, I bought a fire extinguisher. What did I buy? I bought the model which I tested during the training :)
I need to write that I have chosen the extinguisher with a bigger volume, no need to be stingy! Moreover, at once I bought the second one for twice lower price, there was a confusion with prices in the "Auchan" shopping mall. I could not resist! :)
Strictly speaking, the PS-4(p) is not only for vehicles. It can be installed in small areas (up to 12 m2), offices, shops, boutiques, garages and other places. Not bad to have it in the apartment. It doesn’t need much place.
I will not describe all technical details, I will describe this "specification" shortly:
"PS-4 (p)" is powder fire extinguisher with 4 liters volume (not weight!), stored pressure. That is inert (non-combustible) gas is pumped into it from the "factory", and the gas pressure in the container you can check by the gauge.
Equipped with a safety cotter with seal to avoid inadvertent tripping.
No need to upside down and shake the fire extinguisher before the use!
However, it is necessary to pull out immediately the safety cotter before the use!
With one hand you turn the tube nozzle to the fire, with the other hand you push the handle. It is very simple. By the way, it is possible to use PS-4 without tube.
The extinguishing  time is 7-15 seconds (10 seconds in accordance with the passport). The steam length before "clouding" is 3-5 meters.

No sense to use it closer than 1,5 meters from fire – the cloud will not formed. If only to shoot down the flame, but it is expensive. :))
Extinguishing element is non-flammable powder, which is aerated in the air and creates a cloud, displacing oxygen from the air and settling on the burning surface, creates the non-combustible layer preventing re-ignition. Therefore, this type of extinguisher can extinguish all fires except for large areas and the fires of electrical equipment with maximal voltage 1000 V.
Now in my car "I have two brave guys hired, and they are always ready to fight with fire!" :)

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Nikolai 762009, Ufa, Russia

Powder fire extinguisher Melanti PS-2 - Great if it works, it worked right in our vehicle, the seal came off and the powder was everywhere.

Advantages: Compact, stored pressure, simple manual.

Disadvantages: Please check the seal, or the fire extinguisher may start to work, but it is easy to remove the powder from the surface. 

 Checked, but we were lucky, we removed the powder. We checked it inside the car, quite by accident. In the country. On May weekend.
My husband checked the backseat and measured the size of the trunk before the trip to Leroy Merlin – we wanted to buy the long profiles. It was already evening, my mother-in-law and husband were going to go on the night, I was putting the baby to sleep. The fire extinguisher usually lay in one place, and then with constant trips of different building materials it was moved to the trunk, and perhaps imperceptibly to us, the seal was broken. The powder from fire extinguisher started to steam directly into the trunk of our SUV... The whole interior was in white fog, as well as the whole vehicle. My husband told me about this suddenly. Our child slept, I came down, the husband came to me and said: "Do you know what happened, we did not expect." And he showed the trunk of our car, I honestly could not understand what happened!  Only white smoky cloud!.. I thought that our car was burning, but my husband was calm... I had no idea about this fog. I never would have guessed that this fog came out from the fire extinguisher. Usually, everything is black, and here… everything was white like snow. Powder from fire extinguisher...

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jane0707, Moscow, Russia