Open fire tests of our products


Open fire tests of our products
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June 3, 2016

On the initiative of the movement “OUR OWN!” the open fire tests of our fire extinguishers have been held.

"Our ultimate goal - the products from production line should meet their mission and brand name: it should extinguish the ignitions and fires. It is not just a beautiful product of red color, it is intended to save human lives", - the chairman of board of directors of "Melanti" Mr. Andrei Vaikhanski adheres to this position in his business activity for many years.

At one of the enterprises of the company "MELANTI-N" in Nevel tests of products - fire extinguishers - were passed. Such tests, - Mr.Andrei Vaikhanski explains, - are carried out with periodicity in accordance with GOST-requirements. For these purposes the control and selective samples are taken and checked by extinguishing fires. Each fire extinguisher is designed for a specific size of the fire source.

Technical Director of JSC «VVP» Mr.S.V.Levichev held the next testing of finished products. This company, which is located in Nizhny Novgorod, cooperates for ten years with group of companies "MELANTI” and delivers the powder for fire extinguishers "Volgalit ABCE".

"The products of this company have always high quality, because the company's management has a systematic policy to improve them. There has never been complaints for their products, and it was confirmed by today’s tests," -  Mr.S.V. Levichev said.

Group of companies "Melanti" is a member of the movement "Our own!" and on the initiative of the movement the expert of the movement Mr.V.Yu.Kozlovski visited the tests, he was quite satisfied with their results.

"It is very important that the customer should remember that the most important thing in fire extinguishers is security. We were present at the tests of fire extinguishers manufactured in the factory of fire-fighting equipment, which is a part of the group of companies "MELANTI" and they were on the best, top level. Among the test samples we saw also an automobile fire extinguisher. People need to know that they buy a fire extinguisher for its own safety, not for traffic police officer", - the expert of movement "Our own!"  Mr.V.Yu.Kozlovski said.

However, unfortunately, the products of this enterprise is supplied to all regions of our country and abroad, they particularly are not sold in Pskov region.

"I hope that participation in the movement "Our own!"  will help the promotion of our products in Pskov region. Fire extinguishers that we produce are reliable, they have high quality, and they can be used in motor vehicles, in industrial and administrative buildings. The most important thing is guarantee of security of people's lives, "  -  the chairman of board of directors of “MELANTI” Mr. Andrei Vaikhanski said.

One more important fact: "MELANTI-N" is the only company in the Northwestern region, which is the full-cycle-manufacturer of fire extinguishers: from sheet metal to finished product. The maximal volume of production is 100 thousand fire extinguishers with different capacities per month.

Video and photos report of the tests:


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