Medical actuator МТ–200


Application fields of medical actuator:

Hospital furniture (medical beds and chairs with an electric drive)

Hospital equipment (lifts and displace devices for patients)

Surgery (surgical tables, overhead consoles, illuminating lamps)

Ophthalmology (eye testers)

Neonatology (incubators)

Wheelchairs with drives
Medical lifts (including for stairs and baths)

Cosmetology (armchairs and units)

Radiology (X-ray machines, C-arm)

Massage Therapy (massage chairs)

Trainers (rehabilitation, sports)

Laboratory equipment

Dental chairs

Magnetic resonance imaging

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Brand name Melanti
Type Medical actuator
Nominal voltage, (V) 12В
Working stroke of rod, mm 50
Nominal axle load, kg 75
Displacement time of rod (s) 30
Consumption Current (A) 5
Weight (kg) 1,5
Protection class IP43, IP54, IP65
Operating temperature, ° C от – 26 до + 65
Transmission type screw-nut
Possible modifications of actuator yes
Nominal voltage (V) 12В/24В
Working stroke of rod, mm 50-1000
Nominal axle load, kg 75/150/400/600
Displacement time of rod (s) 30/18/8/4
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